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On this site you will find the home remedies that I have successfully used to control sciatica back pain to the point that I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen! At age 48, I play ball with my kids out in the backyard, garden, fish in backwoods creeks, jog 13 miles a week, and participate in many other physical activities. I have not always been able to be active.  At age 32 I was nearly laid up with very severe sciatica. I could not sit for more than 20 minutes and traveling was nearly out of the question. In the last 16 years or so, I have finally taken back my life.  Here is a history of how I finally licked this problem with my own sciatica home treatment:


Age 32 - Severe Back Problems


I had the mistaken notion that I should stop jogging and let my back heal. After the pain was getting to the "shooting pain" level, I finally relented and visited a chiropractor. He diagnosed my problem as a low clearance leading to a pinched nerve (sciatica), adjusted my back, and recommended I start exercising again. Exercise proved to be a key to getting back on my feet - read about the benefits of exercise here. Also, I used a self-adjustment technique that a former paratrooper friend recommended, and the chiropractor approved. Read about this back-adjustment technique here.


Age 42 - Back Problems Becoming Worse Again

When one reaches age 40, the body tends to fall apart. Even with my active lifestyle my age was starting to catch up with me as well. After some strenuous work or activity, my back would get to the point where I could only get relief through lots of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen isn't the best thing for ones body - read up on the harmful effects of ibuprofen here. After another trip to the chiropractor (and this was my first visit since age 32), I found relief and also learned some information that proved to be helpful. Through an internet search and validation by my chiropractor I learned that we can somewhat counteract age-loss in our disks by drinking sufficient water. And yes this helped!


Age 47 - Back Problems Flair Up With Strenuous Activities

I spent just about every other summer evening playing ball with the kids in our backyard baseball field I made for them. I pitched, fielded, and ran bases like I was 18 years old.  Unfortunately, my 47 year old body was not quiet in agreement! Even the self-adjustments, extra water, and keeping in good shape, combined with a good dose of ibuprofen were not enough some nights come fall. But, with the end of the kids baseball, I got back to close to where I was before.


Age 48 - I Found A Nifty Back Decompression Device That Actually Works

One night I could not sleep due to a bad head cold.  So as I am watching the TV at about 3AM, I see two infomercials: one on a get-rich quick scheme, and one on a back-decompression device called Trueback. The next day I do a search on both products checking out the usual places where scams are reported. The get-rich quick scheme proved to be a scam, but the Trueback device showed no reports of being a scam. So this meant that either the product acually worked as claimed (a rarity in As-Seen-On-TV products!) or they were good about providing refunds if requested. So I gave it a try. The result was no more ibuprofen (even on long car trips!) and I was able maintain a level of high physical activity without the next-day pain and headaches.  Read more about back decompression here.


Age 49 Update - Still Doing Well

With respect to my back and sciatica, I am doing better than ever.  In fact I am now only using my back decompression device once ever month or two, with exception of long car trips. If I must drive over 2 hours, I will take the Trueback along and use between driving. I still get the "driving sciatica", but the difference now is that I can quickly remedy it.


3/23/08 Update on "driving sciatica" - recently completed 9 total hours of driving yesterday with no ibuprofen! I used the trueback twice while driving.


4/28/08 Update on my sciatica - My sciatica has been acting up just a tiny bit with the increased spring outdoor activities. The decompression quickly got it back in line however. Also, I finally replaced my badly worn running shoes - the heels were worn badly on one side. The new shoes definitely helped the jolt to my knees and I would guess they also helped on back issues.


11/27/08 I turned 50! Sciatica has been almost non-existent for many months now.


Updates Will Now Be Posted On My Blog - Fit at 50 and Beyond - Aches & Pains 

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